Partnership with Elite Performance Industries

MARDON is happy to announce a partnership with Elite Performance Industries (EPI). EPI has quickly established itself as the premier setup shop in iRacing, powering drivers of all skill levels to meet their maximum potential. This partnership was a logical next step for both companies as most MARDON racers are also EPI racers. By formalizing the partnership both companies can have easy access to all the resources needed to compete and win at the highest levels of sim racing.

Aside from cross promotion of products and solutions between the two companies, EPI will have immediate access to MARDON’s technology, knowledge, and technical support.

To celebrate this partnership customers can use the following codes on

MRDNEPI10 – this code will give 10% off any PC MRDNEPI25 – this will be for P2T, Digital Dash, Wheels, Keyboards, Mice (Wheels and Keyboards and Mice are not yet available)

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