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  • HP030 Gaming Headset



    HP030 backlit gaming headset, HIFI 7.1 level gamer’s headset, leather material, comfortable memory foam, adjustable headwear, soft ear pads, can effectively protect the auricle, high-quality filter, purer sound quality, soft microphone The tube can be bent, gold-plated USB, super-tough alloy head-mounted, high-sensitivity microphone will play a certain role in improving the details of the sound and the judgment of the sound in the process of playing. Compared with the traditional headset, the gaming headset has a higher sensitivity Advantage. The relatively closed listening environment is also more conducive for gamers to feel the details of the sound and improve their judgment on the sound. Therefore, compared with traditional headsets, gaming headsets have the advantage of positioning ability, can better express the sense of direction of sound, and are more suitable for expressing sound clearly in 3D games.