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HP030 backlit gaming headset, HIFI 7.1 level gamer’s headset, leather material, comfortable memory foam, adjustable headwear, soft ear pads, can effectively protect the auricle, high-quality filter, purer sound quality, soft microphone The tube can be bent, gold-plated USB, super-tough alloy head-mounted, high-sensitivity microphone will play a certain role in improving the details of the sound and the judgment of the sound in the process of playing. Compared with the traditional headset, the gaming headset has a higher sensitivity Advantage. The relatively closed listening environment is also more conducive for gamers to feel the details of the sound and improve their judgment on the sound. Therefore, compared with traditional headsets, gaming headsets have the advantage of positioning ability, can better express the sense of direction of sound, and are more suitable for expressing sound clearly in 3D games.

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HIFI Backlit Gaming Headset 14

Designed for gaming

HP010 Gaming Stereo Headphones, specially designed for gaming, leather material, comfortable memory foam, adjustable head wear, soft ear pads, can effectively protect the auricle, high-quality filters, and purer sound quality.

HIFI Backlit Gaming Headset 15

Adjustable headband

Adjustable headband, you can flexibly adjust the size of the headband according to their needs, so that the headset can be comfortable to wear.

HIFI Backlit Gaming Headset 16

Steel beam

Engineering Grade Environmental, Free Stretching 

Tension-proof and Durability of Strong and Toughness Alloy Head Beam

HIFI Backlit Gaming Headset 17

Noise-canceling mic

Adjusted by professional engineers, it can effectively improve the signal-to-noise ratio, so that you can clearly hear the footsteps of the other party even in the presence of background noise.

HIFI Backlit Gaming Headset 18

Superior sound quality

Large Diaphragm, 3D Surround Sound Technology

HIFI Backlit Gaming Headset 19

Gold-plating USB

The headset works autonomously without the need to install additional software. When connected to a computer via the computer’s USB port, you can be up and running in seconds.


Model: MT-HP030 Color: Black
Speaker: φ50mm Dimension: 200*115*220mm
Sensitivity: 120±3db Weight: 298±5g
Impedance: 32Ω
Frequency response: 10~20,000Hz
Microphone: Omni-directional
Mic unit diameter: φ6.0±5.0mm
Mic Sensitivity: -56±2db
Interface: Gold-plating USB
Cable length: 2.20±0.01m


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