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MK007 Keyboard


LED backlit mechanical gaming keyboard, with OUTEMU blue switch, the sound is crisp and the feedback is good. It adopts ergonomic design, which can meet gamers’ pursuit of hand feel and performance, greatly improve operation efficiency, and use all-metal panel to ensure longer service life. Customizable macro recording function, whether you are a gamer or an office business person, this keyboard can well meet your daily needs, the LED backlight can be switched at will, and has user-friendly functions, such as automatic definition of LED backlight , full-key anti-collision, 12 multimedia keys, etc. Standard USB PVC cable 1.8m.

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Basic Mechanical Keyboard 14

64-grade e-sports game chips

The 64-level e-sports game chip has fast response and no delay, and can play all kinds of big games on the computer version without lag, which is the choice of most e-sports players.

Basic Mechanical Keyboard 15

OUTEMU blue switches

The keyboard is equipped with the OUTEMU blue switch, the sound is crisp and the feedback is good.

Basic Mechanical Keyboard 16

Metallic Surface

The cover is made of military grade metal and the black lacquered with anodizing, It is comfortable and durable.

Basic Mechanical Keyboard 17

12 Multimedia Shortcuts

The keyboard comes with 12 multimedia keys, which can easily and quickly realize multimedia functions.

Basic Mechanical Keyboard 18

Double injection keycaps

Double injection processing, not only provide comfortable keystrokes, but also make the keycaps anti-fade and wear-resistant.

Basic Mechanical Keyboard 19

Plug & Play

The keyboard works autonomously and without the need to install additional software. When connected to a computer via a USB port, you can be up and running in seconds.



Model: MT-MK007 Color: Black+Gray
No. of keys: 104/105 Dimension: 440*136*36 mm
Anti-Ghosting: Full keys Weight: 910±5g
Keyboard type: Mechanical
Error-free running time: More than 50 million times
Interface: Gold-Plating USB
Compatible Systems: Win XP/Vista/7/8/10/11/MAC OS
Cable length: 1.8±0.01m


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